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Students are, hereby, requested to follow the necessary steps as mentioned below:
1) It is mandatory for a student to check his or her name as available in the online: "SELF SERVICE - PROFILE." Any discrepancy regarding this must be corrected without delay. Please remember that the respective certificates will be printed as per the names available in the "SELF SERVICE - PROFILE".

2) Please note that the details of the payment made by a student are uploaded in the "SELF SERVICE - INVOICE" within two working days. Students are requested to check the paid amount carefully.

3) Please avoid any payment without proper Money Receipt. In case of exceptions, if the amount is received in "Kachha Money Receipt", it is the responsibility of the respective student to convert the "Kachha Bill" into "Printed Brainware Original Money Receipt" within 2 working days of payment. Documents of payment in any other formats will not be accepted.

4) In case of any unresolved issue, a student is requested to report immediately by:

a) Writing us to :


c) Calling on, "Student Helpline Number: 9831102889"